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RH_Icon_Container_with_App_FlatDan Walsh wrote this great article for  I've recently learned from Dan that SELinux and containers are excellent complements to each other - kind of like tea and scones, peanut butter and jelly, Laurel and Hardy.  (Which one of these did you need to google?)  As container applications become finer grained, SELinux becomes really easy to use (for both dev and ops) for securing containers.  Here's an excerpt from Dan's article - click through to read the whole thing.  MikeG.

"When I began this series of writing about Docker security on, I stated that 'containers do not contain.'"

"One of the main goals at both Red Hat and at Docker is to make this statement less true. My team at Red Hat is continuing to try to take advantage of other security mechanisms to make containers more secure. These are a few of the security features we are working at implementing and how they might affect Docker and containers in the future."

by Dan Walsh


Where Docker security may be headed |

Last updated: February 7, 2024