Excerpts from the original announcement:

"Red Hat and Google are both committed to open source and we were both early proponents of Docker as well as key contributors to the Docker project. We are now joining forces to drive a new open standard around orchestrating Docker containers at scale for the management of cloud application deployments.

"Today, Red Hat is announcing that as part of Project Atomic, we are collaborating with Google to tackle the challenge of how to manage Docker containers at scale, across hundreds or thousands of hosts. Docker container orchestration and management is critical for Red Hat customers and products like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift. Today we are running hundreds of thousands of containerized applications in OpenShift Online and enabling customers to host their own containerized PaaS environment in OpenShift Enterprise.

"Google has been investing in this area as well and recently launched the Kubernetes open source project for container management. The goal of Kubernetes is to enable users to easily manage, monitor and control containerized application deployments across a large cluster of container hosts. The project benefits from Google’s vast knowledge of running containers at scale in their own datacenters. Kubernetes is initially available on Google Cloud Platform, orchestrating Docker containers running on virtual machines powered by KVM.

"Red Hat is embracing the Google Kubernetes project and plans to work to enable it with container management capabilities in our products and offerings."

Read the entire announcement:  Red Hat | Red Hat and Google Collaborate on Kubernetes to Manage Docker Containers at Scale.

Last updated: January 11, 2023