Oved Ourfali (@ovedou), Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, and oVirt community member, will be speaking at DevNation.  Here is what he had to say about the DevNation developer conference.

What session are you giving at DevNation?

"Advanced Integration with the oVirt engine", a talk that aims to teach how one can extend and customize oVirt to fit its needs, by using oVirt plugin mechanisms: UI, Scheduling and Host plugins (VDSM hooks).

What are three takeaways from your sessions?

  • How to do basic integration with oVirt, using the REST API, the SDKs or the CLI, each according to its use-case.
  • How to do advanced integration with oVirt, using different plugin mechanisms that exists in oVirt, such as UI plugins, Scheduling plugins and Host plugins (VDSM hooks).
  • Docker integration - I'm gonna describe a basic oVirt-Docker integration using the UI plugin infrastructure, so it is a nice opportunity to understand how these two integrate.

What do you find most exciting about DevNation ?

Meeting top-level developers from around the world, who are interested in Open-Source projects, especially in the Cloud / Virtualization domain.

What sessions are you looking forward to attend ?

  1. 50 new features of Java EE 7 in 50 mins - Arun Gupta
  2. Hadoop and beyond: architectural considerations for scalable big data storage - Scott McClellan
  3. Secure Linux containers or 'Dockah, Dockah, Dockah' - Dan Walsh
  4. and many many more....
Last updated: April 5, 2018