I had a chance to catch-up with Mark Little, VP of Engineering at Red Hat, to discuss his DevNation involvement and I could feel his enthusiasm through the phone line.  Here's what Mark shared about DevNation (and even a bit about Red Hat Summit).

What sessions are you giving at DevNation?

  • The first session is the Developer Keynote on Monday (4:00-5:00 in Hall A) with Craig Muzilla, SVP of Red Hat.  Previously called the Middleware Keynote, this typically kicks off Summit (and now DevNation) and traditionally has very high attendance with 1000's of people.  Attendees historically love this keynote because it's part presentation and part demo and always includes a surprise or three!
  • I'll also be delivering a Summit session too:  "The future of middleware:  Java, enterprise engineering, and Fuse."  We have lots to say about cloud, new offerings, polyglot, etc.
  • You'll also likely see me at the ARM Birds-of-a-Feather where we'll do some coding on some ARM devices.  Same with DevNation Hacknight on Wednesday evening.

What are three takeaways from your sessions?

  • Red Hat is polyglot and not just for Java.
  • Open source and Red Hat are at the center of IOT
  • You will be pleasantly surprised!

What do you find most exciting about DevNation?

  • This is the first time we've done DevNation, and it's really exciting!  Of course we hosted JUDCon, but over the years we expanded with Fuse and CamelOne, and also Developer Day.  Now we're working to create single community that makes it easy and obvious to move among tracks and topics to learn and utilize the cross-development capabilities.

What sessions are you looking forward to attend?

  • This will be a challenge for me because there are too many I want to see!  That said, I'm interested in:  Tim Fox's talk on Virt.x, Gavin King's Ceylon session, the Fuse and Fabric sessions on Sunday by Mr. Fuse, James Strachen, and of course there's Arun Gupta's Future of Wildfly.
  • And a hot tip - anyone interested in Java should attend at least one of the sessions by Bob Lee or Joshua Bloch of Square.


Last updated: January 10, 2023