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This short, how-to video shows you how to access existing data sources from within your Jupyter notebooks using Starburst Galaxy, as implemented through Red Hat OpenShift Data Science. Red Hat Principal Architect Karl Eklund walks you through how to pull the data you need—without moving or duplicating it—into an OpenShift Data Science-powered Jupyter notebook.

What is Red Hat OpenShift Data Science?

OpenShift Data Science is a comprehensive environment based in the Red Hat OpenShift cloud service. It integrates the core IDE where data scientists train models—Jupyter notebooks—with important model development frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, as well as key open source partner technologies.

Using this service, data scientists, data engineers, and application developers can collaborate across the full life cycle of intelligent applications. The pre-integration in OpenShift Data Science relieves the burden of wiring these technologies together on your own. This lets you focus on creating differentiated value through machine learning with security, reliability, and performance at enterprise scale.

What is Starburst Galaxy?

Starburst Galaxy is a fully managed platform, designed to let you access your data where it lives across hybrid clouds.

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Last updated: September 20, 2023