Developer webinar series 2020

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Learn about modern development with containers, microservices and event based systems directly from our engineers.

Webinar Schedule

  Technology solution Challenge Speaker Details
1 Developer productivity on Kubernetes with OpenShift

Build an effective development environment and pipeline for containers.

Ryan Jarvinen (Red Hat)

March 12 16:00 CET

2 Monolith to Microservices: The journey to the new normal

Introduction to application modernization.

Madou Coulibaly (Red Hat)

April 2 16:00 CET

3 Knative introduction for the curious Java developer

Serverless is becoming the new default on top of containers. What does Knative holds for Java developers?

Matthias Wessendorf (Red Hat), and Roland Huss (Red Hat)

May 11 10:00 CEST

4 Hibernate in complex projects - Can we be a little faster?

Using existing tools like Hibernate to do mass data manipulation or streaming data persistence.

Thorben Janssen (Independent, Hibernate Teacher)

June 16 16:00 CEST