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DevNation Hands-on Workshops and Labs

DevNation Hands-On Workshops and Labs are live, immersive, hands-on sessions with experts that help you build your skills on Kubernetes and OpenShift.

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Workshop: Red Hat OpenShift Data Science

This series of guided workshops explore how Red Hat OpenShift Data Science supports Data Scientists from assessing data and training a model, through to deploying their model as a service. You will learn about the OpenShift Data Science Environment, launch and use Jupyter Notebooks to develop machine learning techniques and process images, and package and deploy a Python application to query through an API.

Lab: OpenShift

This lab is for hands-on architects and application developers who are interested in learning Kubernetes & OpenShift. It features a hands-on introduction to using OpenShift from the perspective of a developer. You will use the Developer Sandbox to access an OpenShift instance.