Red Hat Developer Program

What's New in WildFly 9

This session covers new improvements that will be introduced in WildFly 9: * Wildfly-core will be extracted from the codebase and the ability to assemble a server on top of it will be introduced. WildFly 9 will be provided in two versions: Wildfly Web and Wildfly Full but users will be able to create their custom packaging of WildFly. * Users will be able to shutdown the application server in a graceful manner - after the shutdown command is executed server will reject new requests and allow existing requests to finish before it shuts down. * Support for HTTP/2, a new version of HTTP protocol based on SPDY, will be introduced. * Users will be able to use WildFly as a load balancer. Consequently, it will be possible to manage the balancer with the same tools that are used to manage the rest of the domain. What is more, users will be able to use more efficient protocols, such as HTTP/2, for communication between the balancer and backend servers. An OpenShift cartdridge, which will enable users to use WildFly 9 in cloud environment, will be provided. WildFly 9 will use OpenJDK ORB library instead of JacORB.