Stian Thorgersen

Securing apps and services with Keycloak | DevNation Tech Talk

If you have a number of applications and services, the applications may be HTML5, server-side, or mobile, while the services may be monolithic or microservices, deployed on-premise, or to the cloud. You may have started looking at using a service mesh. Now, you need to easily secure all of these applications and services.

Securing applications and services is no longer just about assigning a username and password. You need to manage identities. You need two-factor authentication. You need to integrate with legacy and external authentication systems. Your list of other requirements may be long. But you don’t want to develop all of this yourself, nor should you.

In this session, we’ll demonstrate how to easily secure all of your applications and services, regardless of how they're implemented and hosted, with Keycloak—all with little-to-no code required.

Red Hat Stian Thorgersen is an engineering lead for Red Hat® Single Sign-On and the community project lead on the Keycloak open source identity and access management software product. Prior to joining Red Hat, Stian was the lead developer at Arjuna Technologies working on Agility, a cloud federation platform.