Red Hat Developer Program

Scaling In-Memory Data Grid Automatically With Kubernetes (Ray Tsang)

Kubernetes is a powerful, open source, container orchestration and cluster management tool from Google. It drew upon all the lessons learned from a near-decade of using containers at Google. In this session, we'll look beyond container orchestration with Kubernetes and take a deep dive into more advanced features such as autoscaling. But its most powerful feature is its versatile REST API, which you can use to tailor Kubernetes to your needs. In addition to the out-of-the-box Kubernetes Autoscaler, we'll look at: - How to access the Kubernetes API securely - The different Kubernetes resources such as Pod, Replication Controller, Service, etc. - How to update/manage your entire cluster using the API We'll use the techniques and the REST API to demonstrate how to cluster Infinispan, an in-memory data grid, in Kubernetes, and autoscale Infinispan using custom metrics.