Red Hat Developer Program
August 2, 2011

Paul Daugherty keynote (2011 Red Hat Summit & JBoss World)

Paul Daugherty, chief technology architect at Accenture, gives a keynote talk at the 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBossWorld. Daugherty speaks about Accenture's work as a leading technology and systems integration outsourcing firm, with more than 6,000 people working in areas of open source development and deployment. In order to deliver high-performance capabilities, Accenture considers open source a key component. Accenture has continued to see a rise in open source adoption and expansion because of better quality, security, flexibility, and opportunity delivered by companies like Accenture and its partners (including Red Hat). These alliances work hard with their customers to create ever-improving innovative business solutions. Daugherty also discusses trends and shifts in the technology industry, including cloud computing, data, analytics, and architectures, and examines how today's computing is service-centric instead of server-centric. These developments only heighten the importance of security and access control. He also touches on the usefulness and necessity of social media and platforms--another method by which companies can listen and understand what customers like best, and need most. See more videos from the 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBossWorld: