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Paul Cormier keynote: We've changed the world (2011 Red Hat Summit & JBoss World)

Red Hat President of Products and Technologies Paul Cormier gives a keynote at the Red Hat Summit and JBoss World 2011. Cormier reviews the last decade of Linux and open source development, both in and outside of Red Hat. He talks about the movement of enterprise open source software from minor servers to major mission-critical deployments throughout the industry, and the role of open development in today's cutting edge technologies. Rather than the locked-in horizontal stacks of the 80s and 90s, open source gives choice to developers, to CIOs, to partners and to users. Cormier warns that Red Hat competitors would love to end that choice and return to the days of proprietary control--and shows in quotes pulled from their own presentations the conflicting messages from others in the market. Cormier also discusses the role of open source in today's cloud technologies, and shows how Red Hat's technical development philosophies and business model have helped create that change in infrastructure and the datacenter. See more videos from the 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBossWorld: