Red Hat Developer Program
October 12, 2012

JUDCon 2012 - The Future of the Enterprise Service Bus at JBoss

A JUDCon 2012 session presented by Tom Cunningham and Keith Babo In this session, Tom and Keith will cover the state of the ESB at JBoss as represented in two community projects - JBoss ESB and SwitchYard. While JBoss ESB is the current foundation of JBoss SOA Platform, the next major version of the platform will use SwitchYard at its core. So what are the differences between these two projects, why are we making this change, and how will it impact JBoss users and developers? This session covers all that and more: • Past, present and future of JBoss ESB and SwitchYard • Similarities and differences between the projects • Detailed walkthrough of migration strategies for existing ESB applications • Practical tips for service development on both platforms If you're interested in ESBs in general or the JBoss-flavored ones in particular, come join the project leads for JBoss ESB and SwitchYard for this informative session. There will be straight talk, expert advice, loads of examples, interactive discussion, and dancing bears.