Red Hat Developer Program

JBoss Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Video​webinars JBoss AS7 is fast, lean, flexible and the ideal engine to run in cloud deployments, especially when combined with the Red Hat PaaS offering - OpenShift. In this deep dive presentation, Scott and Tobias will guide you through a number of scenarios from the initial cloud experience to more involved deployment and scaling strategies. We'll demonstrate how OpenShift's Express and Flex differ, how quickly and easily applications are deployed, how and when visibility into the application's performance matter, and finally how PaaS can scale and right-size your application dynamically. Presenter Bios: Scott Stark - As one of the original JBoss founding fathers and current VP of Architecture, Scott has been instrumental in leading overall R&D efforts. Most recently, Scott has been the key architect to bring JBoss AS7 to OpenShift Express and Flex. Tobias Kunze - As co-founder and former CTO of Makara, Tobias is now driving the technical vision behind Red Hat's PaaS strategy with his continuing passion for cloud, web development, and high-performance computing. Prior to co-founding Makara, Tobias ran development and operations for Lycos' price comparison franchise, serving many tier-1 clients such as AOL, Yahoo!, and T-Online. Before that, he served in lead technical roles at many innovative web and media companies.