Maciej Swiderski
Burr Sutter
September 5, 2019

Event-driven business automation powered by cloud native Java | DevNation Tech Talk

Java is entering a new era, the cloud-native one. Thanks to GraalVM, it can be made smaller, lighter, and faster, while keeping all its power. This innovative way of developing and deploying Java applications has been pushed to the next level by Quarkus, which provides a full-stack development experience seamlessly integrating many widely used Java libraries and thus opens the door for the next generation of middleware. Business automation is an important player in this context, and Kogito, a new Java toolkit based on Drools and jBPM, is made to bring rules and processes to the Quarkus world. After a quick introduction to Kogito, you’ll see how it can be used to build cloud-ready, event-driven business applications. This will be followed with a demonstration of how Quarkus (with its hot reload capabilities) can be used to create microservices implementing the business logic of a complex domain with rules and modeling its workflows through business processes integrated with Kafka to consume and produce business events. Kogito Travel Agency - Demo: