Red Hat Developer Program

DevOps Moves To Production (Lori MacVittie)

Delivering an app or service fast and frequently to production isn't the same as delivering the app or service fast and frequently to its intended users. Before an app is actually 'live' it has to run the gauntlet of production deployment that stands between it and real, live users. While DevOps has helped organizations make huge strides toward continuous delivery in dev and test environments, the production environment remains a very real obstacle in realizing continuous deployment. The biggest hurdle in that obstacle course is a narrow definition of DevOps that fails to include a broad set of technologies and tools outside the Dev and Ops domain. In this session we'll explore the underlying elements of a comprehensive DevOps approach (SDN, CD/CI, and Agile) and how they mix, match, and combine to enable the operational transformation DevOps promises to achieve the ultimate goal of IT agility: continuous deployment.