Red Hat Developer Program
August 6, 2015

DevNation 2015 - Gil Tene & John Kaczala - Duct-tape-free reactive java application

What new big data cloud solutions, communications, or reactive applications could you bring to market if Java had the deterministic latency of compiled languages and the ability to handle massive heaps effectively without having to patch your architecture? Are usage scenarios involving enormous, data-generating, remote devices and event streams with low latency in your future? Would you like to continue using your experience with Java without compromising your loosely coupled architecture? How can you achieve software maintainability and architectural purity with applications that are analytics-driven, use massive data sets, require event stream data analytics and correlation and counting on server-side Java heaps to manage your in-memory cache? In this session, we’ll explore ways to use JBoss Data Grid and JBoss Data Virtualization to incorporate persistence with NOSQL technology along with bounded latency Java technology. We’ll show how these technologies allow us to address a new range of applications that were previously out of bounds due to the non-deterministic nature of Java garbage collection.