Red Hat Developer Program
August 10, 2015

DevNation 2015 - Adam Koblentz - Develop anywhere--even the cloud

When developing software, you typically have 2 options. Either you use black-box testing and run code against mock objects, hoping that numerous unit tests catch any problems. Or, you don't run your code at all until you can hit a test or QA back-end service and hope everything works. Either way, there's a lot of hoping and not a lot of productive functional testing. It’s becoming more reasonable to have an instance of your application in a shared environment with other services hosted inside a modern cloud platform. Historically, developers didn’t write code against these cloud instances because of the time increase in the already slow Java tooling. But OpenShift and JRebel are changing that. In this session, we'll show you how to write Java EE applications on the OpenShift platform and we’ll use JRebel to instantly push our code changes into OpenShift.