Red Hat Developer Program

DevNation 2014 - Scott Cranton & Scott McCarty - Resilient Enterprise Messaging with JBoss A-MQ

Messaging has become a critical infrastructure component for both developers and systems administrators. Scaling infrastructure in an efficient and manageable way is critical in modern physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. To provide value to the business, developers and systems administrators must understand technical and business advantages of current and future architectures. Join Scott McCarty and Scott Cranton as they bring years of experience in building scalable, fault tolerant, distributed systems to the architectural challenges of building durable messaging platforms. Attendees will receive guidance on emerging technologies as well as an understanding of the strengths of current solutions like Red Hat JBoss A-MQ. This discussion will include enterprise requirements such as fault tolerance, high performance, durability, fault detection, return to service, auto-scaling, cloud readiness, and governance. You'll also will explore several open source, high availability architectures spanning multiple Red Hat technologies, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the High Availability and Resilient Storage Add-Ons, and OpenShift by Red Hat.