Red Hat Developer Program

DevNation 2014 - Louis Zuckerman - GlusterFS & Java Video

Recent developments in Java and Gluster have given us a new way to connect these two technologies: Java 7 paved the way for file system provider plug-ins, while GlusterFS 3.4 provides a new client software interface. This session introduces glusterfs-java-filesystem, a new open source project that connects applications running on the Java platform to GlusterFS storage. Join Louis Zuckerman, founder of the glusterfs-java-filesystem project, for a deep dive into: * What it means to access GlusterFS directly from Java, and why it matters. * Writing and testing a Java file system provider. * Using file system provider plug-ins in Java applications. * Accessing GlusterFS from other languages on the Java platform (jython, jruby, scala, clojure, groovy, etc.). The presentation includes slides, a live demonstration, and Q and A. After attending the session, you'll be able to use GlusterFS in your own Java platform applications.