Red Hat Developer Program

Code-driven introduction to Java EE 7

We are lucky to have Arun Gupta presenting on the new features in Java EE 7. Arun is well known in the Java EE community and was heavily involved with the Java EE 7 specification when he worked at Oracle. Arun now works for Red Hat as Director of Developer Advocacy. Abstract Java EE 7 platform is the latest release of the Java EE platform. WebSocket attempts to solve the issues and limitations of HTTP for real-time communication. A new API is added to the platform build WebSocket driven applications. Processing JSON structures is inherent in any HTML5 applications and a new API to parse and generate JSON is being added to the platform. Longawaited Batch Processing API and Concurrency are now added to build applications using capabilities of the platform itself. In addition, JAX-RS 2 adds a new Client API to invoke the RESTful endpoints, allows asynchronous client/server, and server-sidecontent negotiation. JMS 2 is undergoing a complete overhaul to align with improvements in the Java language. This code-driven talk will provide an introduction to the Java EE 7 platform. Don't miss out on this session to learn all about how to leverage the new and exciting standards in building your next enterprise application.