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Red Hat and Java

Discover how Red Hat leads through open source Java communities.

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Quarkus for Spring Boot developers

James Faulkner

Use Spring annotations for Spring Data, Web, and Dependency Injection by building a Quarkus application.

15 minutes |
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Kubernetes Native Microservices with Quarkus and MicroProfile

John Clingan +1

This book covers how to combine Quarkus, Microservices, Microprofile, Spring, and Kubernetes into an effective and integrated development and deployment stack. Kubernetes Native Microservices are microservices that utilize and integrate with Kubernetes features naturally and efficiently. The result is a productive developer experience that is consistent with the expectations of Kubernetes platform administrators.

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Test-driven development with Quarkus

Eric Deandrea

Learn how Quarkus enables test-driven development (TDD) with built-in continuous testing, where tests run immediately after code changes are saved.

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New application samples in Red Hat OpenShift 4.8

Don Schenck

Use Red Hat OpenShift 4.8 samples for quick deployment. Learn how the variety of samples promote developer success in a wide range of software applications.

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Quarkus for Spring developers: Getting started

Eric Deandrea

This introduction to Quarkus for Spring developers shows how easy it is to get started building applications with the Kubernetes-native Java platform.

Quarkus for Spring Developers

Quarkus for Spring Developers

Eric Deandrea

Java can be clunky and slow. Learn how to optimize Java for today’s compute and runtime demands with Quarkus—a Kubernetes-native platform.