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Open source Java projects

June 23, 2022

Open source Java projects

spring boot

Integrate a Spring Boot application with Red Hat Data Grid

May 31, 2022

Setting up a Data Grid for application cache data storage allows it to access and process in-memory data, improving the end user experience. Learn more.

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Quarkus for Spring Boot developers

James Faulkner
May 10, 2022

Use Spring annotations for Spring Data, Web, and Dependency Injection by building a Quarkus application that integrates (via JPA) with an underlying database, injects beans using Spring DI, and exposes them as RESTful endpoints via Spring Rest.

15 minutes | Beginner
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An easier way to generate PDFs from HTML templates

March 11, 2022

Use the open source wkhtmltopdf utility to load data into an HTML template and generate PDF reports and other documents from a Spring Boot application.

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Kubernetes Native Microservices with Quarkus and MicroProfile

John Clingan, Ken Finnigan
February 7, 2022

This book covers how to combine Quarkus, Microservices, Microprofile, Spring, and Kubernetes into an effective and integrated development and deployment stack. Kubernetes Native Microservices are microservices that utilize and integrate with Kubernetes features naturally and efficiently. The result is a productive developer experience that is consistent with the expectations of Kubernetes platform administrators.

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Get started with Gradle plugins for Eclipse JKube

December 9, 2021

Use tasks in the new Eclipse JKube Gradle plugins to effortlessly containerize and deploy your Java applications on Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.


DevNation Winter Camp

December 17, 2021

DevNation Winter Camp