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Change data capture with Debezium

Hugo Guerrero

Monitor your change data capture (CDC) events with Debezium, a set of distributed services that identifies row-level changes in your databases so you can respond.

20 minutes | Intermediate
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DevNation: The Show

DevNation: The Show is a weekly hour-long chat show for all things Kubernetes, Java, and Linux. It consists of the latest developer news, interviews with guests with specialized tech expertise, live Q&A and special quizzes, polls, and contests. The Show is live weekly on Tuesdays at 14:00 UTC / 10:00 ET.

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Kafka, Camel, & Debezium Connectors

Open source connectors enable integrations with your local systems landscape. Explore Kafka, Camel, and Debezium connectors to connect APIs and services for event-driven application architectures (EDA).