Summit 2022

The Red Hat Cloud way: Event-driven, serverless, distributed cloud services to support modern apps

May 3, 2022

Red Hat Summit 2022 is approaching and here's what we will bring to the developer track.

The Java and Quarkus logos

Build your first Java serverless function using a Quarkus quick start

March 28, 2022

With Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift and a quick start, you can get a Java function up and running in 10 minutes.

4 reasons you’ll love using Red Hat OpenShift Data Science

What’s new for developers in the OpenShift 4.10 console

March 22, 2022

Discover what’s new in the Red Hat OpenShift 4.10 console. Explore Serverless and Eventing features, OpenShift Pipelines enhancements, and much more.

secure coding - simple

Process Apache Kafka records with Knative's serverless architecture

March 14, 2022

Knative's serverless, scale-up model might seem at odds with Kafka's persistent connections, but you can bridge the gap with Knative's KafkaSource.

Featured image for Apache Kafka credential management with Node.js

Node.js serverless functions on Red Hat OpenShift, Part 3: Debugging on a cluster

December 8, 2021

Use the Chrome DevTools inspector to debug a program built with Node.js functions, first in a local container and then on a Red Hat OpenShift cluster.


DevNation Winter Camp

December 17, 2021

DevNation Winter Camp

secure coding - simple

Anonymize data in real time with KEDA and Rook

December 2, 2021

Explore a lightweight, scalable cloud-native serverless architecture that uses KEDA and Rook for real-time, automated data anonymization.