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Choosing an Automation Tool

Red Hat


This e-book helps developers and administrators on Kubernetes choose an automation tool. Installations, upgrades, backups, monitoring, and anomaly detection are all good processes to automate. The e-book compares the following open source tools in depth:

  • Helm, which is simple and can be mastered relatively quickly
  • Kubernetes Operators, which are highly extendable, can be distributed easily to customers, and are well-integrated with Kubernetes
  • Ansible, which is lightweight, has a rich ecosystem, and supports components outside Kubernetes

The e-book provides technical overviews, criteria for choosing each tool, and a comparison chart.


Helm charts provide a straightforward way to quickly get basic applications running on Kubernetes. Helm is relatively easy to learn and use for people who package applications and those who install them. While the functionality available in Helm is limited compared to other automation solutions, it is a good way to get started automating deployment of applications on Kubernetes.

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