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Kubernetes-native Java with low memory footprint and fast boot times for microservices and serverless applications.

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When we say Quarkus is everywhere, we mean everywhere. Quarkus is a flexible and powerful Java framework that makes it easy for developers to integrate and incorporate a variety of application services. Quarkus is both integrated with supported via a number of Red Hat product bundles.

Red Hat product bundles with Quarkus

Red Hat Runtimes

Quarkus is tightly integrated with Runtimes products such as Red Hat Data Grid for fast access to data and Keycloak single sign-on for authentication. Quarkus also includes a Spring Boot compatibility layer to make it easier for Spring developers to create Quarkus applications.

Red Hat Integration

Quarkus is integrated with Red Hat AMQ streams, based on Strimzi and Kafka, to develop event-driven applications as well as Red Hat Fuse, based on Apache Camel, to create and compose Kubernetes-native serverless and microservices applications.

Red Hat Process Automation

Quarkus is integrated with Red Hat Process Automation, based on Kogito, to deploy decision and process models as microservices on OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift

Quarkus is natively integrated with Red Hat OpenShift to make it easier to deploy and manage applications. This integration includes familiar tooling, remote cluster development, integration with managed configurations, and one-step deployment of containerized and serverless applications. Get started with Quarkus in the Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Linux is widely deployed across data centers, edge networks, and the cloud. Quarkus provides Java developers with a framework that is ideal for Linux distributions due to its efficient use of memory resources and fast startup times.