Open development services for creating, building and testing container applications. is now Red Hat CodeReady Toolchain services can be used separately or together. Today all are available online and some are available for download to a private OpenShift install. As we grow the breadth of the services we will make more of them privately deployable.

Red Hat SaaS Development Services 

Code with a Red Hat hosted in-browser IDE powered by Eclipse Che.

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Analyze your project’s dependencies using service that analyses millions of repositories using machine learning to check security vulnerabilities, licences and smart suggestion to improve your project.

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A wizard based application creator to scaffold your microservice-based applications.

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Powered by OpenShift

Hosted Che is running on OpenShift - the Kubernetes platform for big ideas. OpenShift is the perfect target to run the services that you are developing with Che. You can find more information about OpenShift here:

 OpenShift is available in three ways:

  • OpenShift Dedicated: A private Kubernetes cluster fully-managed by Red Hat (it’s what we use for itself).
  • OpenShift Online: On-demand access to OpenShift in a Red Hat-managed Kubernetes public cloud with shared resources.
  • OpenShift Container Platform: A secure Kubernetes platform on your own infrastructure.