Microservices for Java Developers 2nd Ed cover

Microservices for Java Developers: A Hands-on Introduction to Frameworks and Containers

Rafael Benevides, Christian Posta


The Microservice architectural approach is more than just about technology. It reaches into the foundation of your organization to allow you to build truly scalable, adaptive, complex systems that help a business adapt to rapidly changing competitive markets.

Using a hands-on approach to three useful Java frameworks for building Microservices–Spring Boot, Dropwizard, and WildFly Swarm–you can compare and contrast them through a handful of familiar patterns, including:

  • Exposing a service

  • Configuring at runtime

  • Exposing metrics/insight

  • Calling downstream services in a safe manner

Explore concepts like immutable delivery and how Linux Containers and Kubernetes can be used to deploy and manage Microservices.


Microservices are not a technology-only discussion. Implementations of microservices have roots in complex-adaptive theory, service design, technology evolution, domain-driven design, dependency thinking, promise theory, and other backgrounds. They all come together to allow the people of an organization to truly exhibit agile, responsive, learning behaviors to stay competitive in a fast-evolving business world.

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