Red Hat Container Development Kit

Red Hat Container Development Kit

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1. Download Container Development Kit

In this step, you download the first of two Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK) files. For the download, you will need to register with After you register as a developer, you will be given a subscription for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite, which will give you access to CDK. Developer Suite includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, and additional development tools. Download cdk-3.

NOTE: Red Hat Development Suite is now available as technical preview for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

NOTE: Later in this guide, you will need the Red Hat username and password you create during registration for accessing Red Hat sites.

2. Download additional components

Container Development Kit delivers the latest container runtime environment and container tools in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtual machine (VM). To use the kit you will need:

  1. A virtualization platform: KVM/libvirt.

  2. Vagrant, an open-source tool for creating and distributing portable development environments.

  3. The CDK Red Hat Enterprise Linux Vagrant box.

Install a virtualization platform (hypervisor)

First, download and install a virtualization platform:

  • KVM/libvirt

NOTE: If you are using Linux distribution other than Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, or CentOS, VirtualBox is recommended.

Install Vagrant

Next, install Vagrant. All of the Container Development Environment configuration and management on your development system will be handled for you by Vagrant.

  • On Red Hat Enterprise Linux, install the Vagrant Software Collection using the instructions in the CDK Installation Guide.

For other Linux distributions, install Vagrant using the packages included with your distribution if it includes a recent version. Alternatively, download a .deb or .rpm package from

Download the Container Development Environment

Next, download the environment for your virtualization platform:

3. Install Container Development Kit

Next, install the Container Development Kit by following the CDK Installation Guide for your operating system:

4. Build your first container

Choose a language from below to see additional instructions on building your first container application.

Node.js v4  - Build your first application using Node.js with Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK)

PHP 5.6 - Build your first application using PHP with Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK)


Python 3.5 - Build your first application using Python with Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK)

Ruby 2.3 - Build your first application using Ruby with Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK)

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