No matter where you are in your software development career, from just starting, to re-training, to expert-level but needing a brush-up, the Red Hat Developer program can help with tutorials and learning.

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Foundations of OpenShift

Learn the foundations of OpenShift through hands-on experience deploying and...
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Learning Path

Application development with Red Hat Developer Hub

Learn how to onboard developers onto Red Hat Developer Hub, so they can...
Learning Path

How to deploy full-stack JavaScript applications in OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift is a Kubernetes distribution that makes it easy to deploy...
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Learning Path

How to deploy an application using Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

Learn how to deploy an application on a cluster using Red Hat OpenShift...

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Learning Path

Get started with the Ansible Visual Studio Code extension

Take a guided walkthrough of the Ansible extension for Visual Studio...
Ansible Content Collections
Learning Path

Getting Started with Ansible Content Collections

Discover Ansible Content Collections through practical examples that explain...
Ansible Content Collections
Learning Path

Get started with Ansible Playbooks

For the best experience in this learning path, we suggest that you complete...
OpenShift Dev Spaces and JKube
Learning Path

Build and deploy a Quarkus application to Red Hat OpenShift in minutes

In this exercise, we will deploy and update a distributed application...
Feature Image_How to use Tilt to improve developer experience
Learning Path

How to use Tilt to improve developer experience

Get a hands-on introduction to Tilt, a tool that automates the inner-loop...
Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS
Learning Path

Export your application from the sandbox into Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

Learn how to access a large language model using Node.js and LangChain.js....
Using OpenShift Pipelines_Feature Image
Learning Path

Using OpenShift Pipelines

Get an introduction to OpenShift Pipelines for automated builds and deployment.
JBoss_EAP8_learning path feature_image
Learning Path

Develop modern Java applications with JBoss EAP 8

Learn how to develop modern Java applications using JBoss EAP 8 and deploy...
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Learning Path

YAML essentials for Ansible

Learn the basics of YAML, a simple yet powerful data serialization language,...

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