Get started with OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka

1 Hour

10 learning resources

Basic pages

Follow these step-by-step instructions to get started with Apache Kafka and to consume and /produce messages. You will also learn about topic retention configuration.

Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka is a managed cloud service for architects and developers working on event-driven applications. It provides hosted and managed, high-availability Kafka clusters on-demand, so you can focus on developing your applications while Red Hat takes care of the infrastructure. 


In this learning path you’ll sign up for a free Red Hat account, provision a managed Kafka instance, and connect to it using service account credentials via SSL.

RHOSAK path 2 - resource 1

Create a Red Hat account

Make your own account and access the console.

RHOSAK path 2 - resource 2

Provision a Kafka instance

Create an instance and and specify your details.

RHOSAK path 2 - resource 3

Create a service account

Connect your applications to a Kafka instance.

RHOSAK path 2 - resource 4

Connect to the Kafka instance

Download the appropriate options for your systems.

RHOSAK path 2 - resource 5

Topics and partitions recap

Take a quick topics and partitions refresher.

RHOSAK path 2 - resource 6

Creating a topic

Make topics through the user interface (UI).

RHOSAK path 2 - resource 7

Viewing topic information

See how partitions replicate across brokers.

RHOSAK path 2 - resource 8

Producers and consumers recap

Read this quick producers and consumers recap.

RHOSAK path 2 - resource 9

Producing and consuming messages

Learn how to produce and consume messages.

RHOSAK path 2 - resource 10

Changing topic retention

Learn how to modify data retention defaults.

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