Nicola Ferraro, Luca Burgazzoli, Burr Sutter
July 9, 2020

Event-driven serverless applications with Camel K | DevNation Tech Talk

Event-driven serverless applications really rock these days. Knative and Kubernetes offer nice primitives for creating them, but if you've ever tried going beyond the "Hello World" example, you know that writing real-life applications is much harder than expected. The more your application is deconstructed into smaller pieces, the more you need better communication patterns for managing all the inherent complexity. Here comes Camel K, a lightweight integration tool created specifically to address these issues. Camel K allows you to declaratively orchestrate events in a serverless environment using a beautiful language. It allows you to connect functions and services to any kind of external data source or sink, from enterprise services to cloud services or SaaS. It’s based on Apache Camel, the most powerful open source integration framework, and it leverages Knative to deliver integration patterns in a serverless way, allowing you to effectively create real-life serverless applications. We will show how Camel K works under the hood and, with coding examples, we’ll also demonstrate how Camel K makes it easy to connect (almost) anything using integration patterns and the 300+ components that Apache Camel provides.