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DevNation Day Latin America 2021: November 9

We hope you enjoyed DevNation Day Latin America, a free, all-day immersive virtual experience in Portuguese and Spanish created to bring you the most exciting developer and technology updates.

It covered four topics areas: Kubernetes/OpenShift, Java, Kafka, and GitOps. Videos from all sessions are now available via the links below.

Thank you for attending and see you at the next one!


Portuguese  Conheça o Programa Red Hat Developers, Elder Moraes, Red Hat

Portuguese  From DevOps, to the Cloud and Kubernetes!, Edson Yanaga, Red Hat

Portuguese  Kubernetes Native Java with MicroProfile and Quarkus, Roberto Cortez, Red Hat

Portuguese  The power of Kafka in Kubernetes, Rodrigo Ramalho, Red Hat

Portuguese  From Java 11 to Java 17 (and beyond), Eder Ignatowicz, Red Hat

Spanish Conozca el Programa Red Hat Developers, Elder Moraes, Red Hat

Spanish GitOps & Kubernetes, Alex Soto Bueno, Red Hat

Spanish Migrating from Spring Boot to Quarkus, Jonathan Vila Lopez, Red Hat

Spanish Building Well-Architected Apps with OpenShift, Julio Faerman, Red Hat

Spanish Getting started with Managed Kafka, Jennifer Vargas, Red Hat

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