Node.js core APIs


While Javascript as a language is easy to learn, node.js as a platform offers some difficulty for beginners due to its peculiar programming characteristics, and there is always few developers who have questions on the out of order I/O and its implications in the program etc. This session aims to illustrate the top 10 (based on identified usage pain point in the field, not based on their importance in the core) vital ingredients of node.js in their fundamental form: definition, common usage pattern, control flow, best practices, and problem determination.

About the speaker

Gireesh Punathil
Node.js TSC Software Engineer, IBM

Gireesh Punathil is a member of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee, a member of the Java Community Process Executive committee, and an Architect in IBM India Software Labs, predominantly in Node.js and Java. In 20 years of his career, he has been porting, developing, and debugging web servers, virtual machines, and compilers. His expertise is in problem isolation and the determination of large and complex software modules. He has spoken at several Node.js and Java conferences.