Deploy a Java application on Kubernetes in minutes
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How to deploy a Java application on Kubernetes in minutes

Move your legacy Java application into a container and deploy it to Kubernetes. The Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift is a free OpenShift cluster that gives you access to the cutting-edge technologies built on Kubernetes. A quick sign-up gets you a cluster and access to a set of developer tools and services. Move this Spring Pet Clinic example application into a container using the Source-to-Image (s2i) feature.

The Scenario: Camels, pythons, and cats—oh my! The line of animals and their owners has surrounded the building, and the employees at the Pet Clinic can’t keep up with demand. The clinic needs an application to help them run the clinic more efficiently. Management wants to keep track of the pets, their owners, and the veterinarians that work at the Pet Clinic. You’ll need to create a set of microservices that lets employees view the list of veterinarians and their specialties, add new pets and owners, plus update information about existing pets and owners, and manage their visits. Of course, the application needs to be delivered yesterday.

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Application development in context

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