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Frequently asked questions

Your Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift is active for 30 days and has specific built-in functionality. However, in some scenarios, we may be able to modify this time allotment and other default settings. Please communicate all of your modifications through the Red Hat team. Contact the team creating the Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift.

Most settings and management needs can be taken care of from within your cluster interface itself. Learn about developer-focused features in the OpenShift Developer Console.


Q: What is the Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift?

A: The Developer Sandbox provides you with a private OpenShift environment in a shared, multi-tenant OpenShift cluster that is pre-configured with a set of developer tools.

Q: What is my cost for the Developer Sandbox?

A: It is free. There is no credit card required. You just need a Red Hat account and to complete the phone verification process.

Q: Can I deploy my software on the Developer Sandbox?

A: That’s the idea! You’ll find that some software will deploy as-is, while other code might require some minor changes. You’ll quickly see how easy it is to create a container running your software on your cluster. Java, Node.js, Python, Go, C#, and more are supported.

Q: We’re not a Red Hat Enterprise Linux or a Red Hat shop. Can we still use the sandbox?

A: Absolutely. You don’t need to install anything to get started. You may want to install a command-line tool for your environment (Linux, macOS, or Windows -- all are welcome), but it’s not necessary.

Q: Which developer tools are available in my Developer Sandbox?

A: The default developer experience on OpenShift, including a catalog of Helm charts and Red Hat builder images, s2i build tool, and OpenShift Dev Spaces.

Q: How can I install additional developer tools in my Developer Sandbox?

A: Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift will provide a pre-configured set of tools and services. We would love to learn from you about other tools and services that we should consider adding to the sandbox. Please send us your request here.

Q: What kind of resources do I get with my Developer Sandbox?

A: Your private OpenShift environment includes one project (namespace) and a resource quota of 14 GB RAM, and 40 GB storage.

Q: How long can my pods run in the Developer Sandbox?

A: All user pods can run for 12 (twelve) consecutive hours before they are automatically deleted. However, your applications are still available. All you need to do is start a pod.

Q: Why do I have to validate my phone number to access the Developer Sandbox?

A: We require a valid phone number to reduce the creation of fraudulent accounts on the Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift. Red Hat will not use this information for any other reason, and you will never receive a phone call from Red Hat or any third party as a result of trying the Developer Sandbox.



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