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Welcome to Red Hat Developers Content Contributors

Red Hat believes in the community, and is founded on community. Combining our internal Red Hat knowledge with minds of the world makes technical content better, more interesting, and more diverse. Frankly, it makes us all smarter.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to participate. You can contribute what you have done, seen or tried. Blogs, tutorials, demos, videos, podcasts, stories, and conference experiences all provide value to the community. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just authentic.

There are many benefits to contributing!

Build your personal brand

Share your work with the world. Whether you want to be a blogger, present at conferences, or set yourself up for your next role, your brand is key. Red Hat Developers puts you center stage and helps you build the image you want.

Extend your reach

When you contribute to Red Hat Developers, we put our global audience at your fingertips. Your content will be featured on our website, giving you instant visibility to our entire developer community.

Get swag & opportunities

Earn your way to great swag, the chance to get a free DevNation ticket or be invited to join our advisory board. The more you contribute, the better your rewards will get. Sign up today to learn more.

Contributor Options

General Contributor

Contributes content once or twice a year

Most Valuable Contributor (MVC)

  • Contributes semi-regularly
  • Earns points for swag with each contribution
  • Opportunity to earn free DevNation tickets
  • Potentially earn invitation to join the Red Hat Developers Content Advisory Board

Developer on the Street (DOTS)

  • Contributes recaps from conferences
  • Provides presentation decks to be shared (if relevant)
  • Earns swag
  • Submits short pieces about sessions, events or meet-ups

It’s your choice!


Wondering where to start as a contributor? Get started finding your match by selecting one of the options below. And the good news, you can switch between programs as your schedule allows. No change request needed.

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