Cover image: Cloud-native modernization or death? A false dichotomy - DevNation Tech Talk

DevNation Tech Talks are hosted by the Red Hat technologists who create our products. These sessions include real solutions plus code and sample projects to help you get started. In this talk, you’ll learn about cloud-native modernization from Daniel Oh and Burr Sutter.

Are you familiar with the tight coupling of applications with their underlying platform that makes change hard? Or, coupling that creates a lack of scalability, performance, and flexibility for existing applications built with legacy technology? How about the fact that re-architecting applications cannot be done overnight?

If you say yes to any of these, you probably think that you have “cloud-native modernization or death." But what if there is another way that shows you the incremental steps to refactor the application to microservices and make use of Kubernetes or Red Hat OpenShift to effectively deploy and manage it at scale on the cloud?

This session guides developers on getting started on their cloud-native journey, starting with monolithic application migration to a modern container platform using Kubernetes or OpenShift, and modernizing applications using microservices and Red Hat cloud-native runtimes like Spring Boot and the Red Hat build of Quarkus.

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Last updated: February 5, 2024