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We are always looking for ways to understand better how developers create, build, manage, test, and deploy applications on and for Red Hat OpenShift. An important part of that effort is the annual OpenShift Developer Survey, which we've just released for 2020.

Keep reading to learn more about the survey, including highlights of the 2019 survey results and what to expect from the survey this year. We also invite you to participate in our OpenShift developer experience office hours and one-to-one feedback sessions for our developer community and customers.

The OpenShift Developer Survey

The annual OpenShift Developer Survey is a critical tool for sharing your experiences as an OpenShift developer. Here’s some of what we learned from developers responding to the 2019 survey:

  • Java was the clear leader for languages and tools used for application development on OpenShift.
  • Most respondents named Jenkins as their CI/CD tool of choice.
  • 73% of respondents said that they used source-to-image (S2I) to package applications into a container image (a 10% jump from 2018).
  • Most respondents expressed overall satisfaction with their OpenShift experience, with room for improvement.
  • Documentation and help were still top pain points for developers.
  • Asked what version of OpenShift they used:
    • 19% of respondents had used OpenShift 4.x (only OpenShift 4.1 and 4.2 were released when the survey started).
    • 58% of respondents said that OpenShift 3.11 was the newest version that they had used.

Note: Survey respondents included developers who interacted with OpenShift or a representative such as their manager or team lead. Red Hat representatives were invited to respond on behalf of their developer clients and customers.

The OpenShift Developer Survey in 2020

We use the OpenShift Developer Survey to understand better how developers work with OpenShift—what works and what doesn't—as well as the technologies that you rely on the most. Getting a breadth of responses helps us compare data and focus on the technologies and improvements that are key for our developer community and customers.

The 2020 OpenShift Developer Survey is open now and continues through November 22, 2020. It takes about seven minutes to complete. We hope that you will participate in the survey and share it with your team. Also, look for a follow-up article in December, where we'll report on the survey results.

New office hours for the OpenShift developer experience

Our OpenShift developer experience office hours are now weekly. During office hours, we alternate between talking about the future and getting feedback about what is happening right now. Developer advocates demonstrate tools in the OpenShift ecosystem and discuss their coding challenges and mishaps, as well as how they worked through them.

Our weekly OpenShift developer experience office hours are featured on openshift.tv, streaming on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live. You can also check the openshift-dev-users mailing list or the openshift.tv schedule for office hours. Or, reach out to the team anytime through any of the channels listed on the OpenShift Console project homepage.

Note: If you haven’t yet experienced it, be sure to check out What’s new in the OpenShift 4.5 console developer experience.

Register for a remote feedback session

As a developer who uses OpenShift, we are very interested in your perspective. We're currently inviting developers to participate in remote feedback sessions, where we discuss your technology pain points, validate use cases, and collaborate on future experiences. We're also offering customer empathy sessions, where you can let us know what isn't working for you.

As always, these sessions are a great opportunity to impact the future of the developer experience on OpenShift. To set up a session, please fill out this request form.


We're serious about valuing your feedback, and we hope that you will take the opportunity to help shape the developer experience on OpenShift. The annual OpenShift Developer Survey is open until November 22, we're now hosting weekly office hours, and we're currently scheduling one-to-one feedback sessions. Get in touch and help us make the OpenShift developer experience better for you!

Take the OpenShift Developer Survey now.

Last updated: February 5, 2024