Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) with Tekton on Kubernetes

CI/CD provides solutions to common problems found when trying to introduce new code to a production system in a controlled and uniform manner.

Plumbing Kubernetes builds | deploy with Tekton

Kubernetes matured enough to be the favorite application orchestration platform, but it still missed one crucial feature of in-cluster build of the applications. The missing feature made the continuous integration and delivery less effective. The market had various solutions to solve the problem, but 99% of the solutions missed something — “being Kubernetes native.”

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What is it?

How to use the VS Code Tekton Pipelines extension

The Tekton Pipelines extension offers all of the same functionality as the Tekton CLI tool as well as a pipeline view.

This not only allows developers to visualize pipeline deployments they’re developing
but also allows for intuitive interaction with pipeline resources.

BLOG: How to Use It