Eclipse Vert.x

The latest update to Red Hat Runtimes has arrived and now supports Eclipse Vert.x 3.8.1.

Red Hat Runtimes provides application developers with a variety of application runtimes and enables them to run on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

What's new?

With this update, some of the new additions and updates include:

  • Vert.x Web API Contract extends Vert.x Web to support OpenAPI 3, bringing you a simple interface to build your Vert.x router and add security and validation handlers. Now you can define your API with OpenAPI and use them directly into your Vert.x code. Its a powerful feature for not just API first driven development but also to harness the Vert.x non-blocking API to build robust and high-performance backends.
  • Vert.x SQL client
    • The client is the evolution of the legendary Reactive PostgreSQL Client and provides
      • The Reactive PostgreSQL Client
      • The Reactive MySQL Client
    • These implementations offer high-performance non-blocking access to PostgreSQL and MySQL.
  • Vert.x Mail client 
  • The client enables a few additional auth methods like DIGEST-MD5, TLS, and SSL and is completely asynchronous. The client also allows connection pooling to keep connections open and reuse.
  • Openshift Container Platform: Also, this latest release is verified on OCP 4.1 and support for OCP 4.2 will be included soon after it is available.


For more details, take a look at the supported configurations and component details

If you are new to the Eclipse Vert.x and would like to learn more, go to our live learning portal for a guided tutorial or the documentation for details.

Developer interactive learning scenarios

These self-paced scenarios provide you with a preconfigured Red Hat OpenShift instance, accessible from your browser without any downloads or configuration. Use it to learn and experiment with Vert.x or learn about other technologies within Red Hat Runtimes and see how it helps solve real-world problems.

Getting support for Eclipse Vert.x

Support for Eclipse Vert.x is available to Red Hat customers through a subscription to Red Hat Runtimes. Contact your local Red Hat representative or Red Hat Sales for details on how you can enjoy the world-class support offered by Red Hat and its worldwide partner network.

Moving forward, customers can expect support for Eclipse Vert.x and other runtimes according to the Red Hat Product Update and Support Lifecycle.

The people behind Red Hat’s Runtimes and Eclipse Vert.x support

This offering was produced by Red Hat’s Runtimes product and engineering team along with the Eclipse Vert.x upstream community, and involved many hours of development, testing, documentation writing, testing some more, and working with the wider Red Hat community of customers, partners, and Vert.x developers to incorporate contributions, both big and small. We are glad you have chosen to use it and hope that it meets or exceeds your expectations!

More about Red Hat Runtimes

Red Hat Runtimes provides a set of comprehensive frameworks, runtimes, and programming languages for developers, architects, and IT leaders with cloud-native application development needs. It is designed to accelerate the development and delivery of business solutions. The following are the different runtimes and enablers for you to create your microservices with Red Hat Runtimes. Head over to this link for more details.

Last updated: January 12, 2024