Red Hat Summit 2020 CFP

*Update: CFP extended to October 25, 2019.*

Red Hat Developer invites you to share your expertise at Red Hat Summit 2020, April 27-29th in San Francisco California. Submit a proposal now to lead a conference session and share your development story.

Every year, thousands of developers attend Red Hat Summit. New for 2020, you will be able to attend a new track created specifically for application developers.  This track will focus on the latest application development technologies, and we need your help.

Red Hat Summit attendees want to hear your stories of success and failure, your best techniques, how your work is changing, architecture tips, DevOps, and what's new.  Please submit your session ideas based on real-world examples and hands-on instruction. Below are some ideas to help you get started.

Submit your open source application development story at by October 22, 2019. Include "Developer:" as a prefix for your talk summary.  If your session is chosen, you’ll receive a free pass to Red Hat Summit. 

  • Setting up a Continuous Delivery pipeline on Red Hat OpenShift
  • How to leverage Tekton/OpenShift Pipelines for continuous delivery
  • Why use GitOps with continuous delivery
  • Deployment strategies: Blue-green Deployments, A/B Testing, and Canary Releases
  • Configure a CI/CD pipeline for serverless applications
  • Security in the continuous delivery pipeline
  • Success stories in application development with serverless architecture
  • Implementing serverless using Knative and Quarkus
  • Leveraging Quarkus to use Java in microservices or serverless architectures
  • Quarkus enables better microservices architecture for Java devs, necessitating Istio
  • Developer toolchain on Red Hat OpenShift for cloud development
  • Managing developer environments for cloud development with Eclipse Che/Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces
  • Improving your OpenShift workflow with odo
  • Serverless or microservice security topics
  • Monitoring applications using Prometheus and Grafana
  • Debugging microservice applications
  • Debugging serverless applications
  • Security and stability of microservice applications
  • Security and stability of serverless applications
  • Developing operators for Kubernetes/Openshift
  • Convert existing application into a Kubernetes/OpenShift Operator
  • Using Linux in containers (UBI, RHEL, Podman, Buildah, Skopeo)
  • Success stories of using Java in the cloud
  • Leveraging Ceph/OpenShift Container Storage in cloud application design
  • Getting started with service mesh/Istio routing

Visit the website for details on submitting your talk.

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