Quarkus 0.17.0 now available

Quarkus 0.17.0 now available

Quarkus continues its cadence of delivering a release every 2-3 weeks. This latest release (0.17.0) contains 125+ changes that include new features, bug fixes, and documentation updates. 

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Notable major changes include:

  • New AMQP Extension. The AMQP guide and quickstart cover how to use MicroProfile Reactive Messaging with AMQP.
  • New Apache Kafka Streams Extension. Create streaming queries with the Kafka Streams API. Check out the Quickstart.
  • New Kogito (Business Automation) Extension. The guide demonstrates how to use Kogito (jBPM + Drools) to add business automation to an application.
  • Integrates Hibernate ORM with Hibernate Validator. Improves Hibernate Validator constraint integration with SQL generation.
  • SmallRye MicroProfile Health Check Extension 2.0 support. MicroProfile Health Check 2.0 (see specification PDF) adds @Liveness and @Readiness annotations while deprecating the @Health annotation.

Experience Developer Joy while trying out the new extensions and, of course, compile down to a native executable to achieve Supersonic, Subatomic Java.