With the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, I’m pleased to introduce our new RHEL 8 cheat sheet for developers. This version has been updated from the beta version to reflect the final updates in RHEL 8. This document is intended for those of you who are:

  1. Already familiar with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but you want a quick reference for new RHEL 8 commands.
  2. New to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and want to start exploring RHEL 8.

Here’s a sample of some of the common module commands you'll find in this cheat sheet. 

  • List all modules:
       $ yum module list
  • List installed modules:
       $ yum module list installed
  • Find which module provides a package:
       $ yum module provides package
  • Examine details of a module:
       $ yum module info module
  • List packages installed by profiles of a module:
       $ yum module info --profile module:stream
  • Display the current status of a module:
       $ yum module list module

Download the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Cheat Sheet today.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is available for application development by joining Red Hat Developers: developers.redhat.com/rhel8.

Last updated: March 27, 2023