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Apache Camel URI completion has already been available for XML DSL in Eclipse Desktop, Eclipse Che, Red Hat OpenShift.io, Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ. However, for Java DSL it was available only in IntelliJ. But Visual Studio Code and Eclipse Desktop are now also providing the Apache Camel URI completion for Java DSL.

Below, you can see it in action:

  • In Eclipse Desktop IDE:

Completion of Camel URI with Java DSL in Eclipse Desktop IDE

  • In Visual Studio Code:

Completion of Camel URI with Java DSL in VS Code

Right now, the requirements for URI completion are:

  • The filename needs to end with .java.
  • The file needs to contain camel written somewhere.
  • The Camel URI String needs to be used directly as a parameter of the RouteBuilder.from or RouteBuilder.to methods (which means no space, no variable).

You may ask, "What about Eclipse Che and OpenShift.io?" Work is in progress to make URI completion possible with them also. You can follow this issue to check on the progress.

As a reminder, it is now easy to install Apache Camel in all these environments; see my previous article describing the installation process.

If you have suggestions for improvements, please raise them in the issue tracker.

Enjoy this new feature!


Last updated: July 9, 2018