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Can you “foresee the feature?” Do you know if proposed changes to your application will have the desired impact to your business? Let’s drop the crystal ball approach and start practicing some hypothesis-driven development so you can test your assumptions. Not every new feature is guaranteed to be a success. Some might just waste time and increase your technical debt. Join us for the next online DevNation Live on July 5th at 12pm EDT for Feature Toggles and Hypothesis-driven Development, presented by Red Hat director of Developer Experience, Edson Yanaga.

In this session, we’ll demonstrate how feature toggles can be incorporated into your software development process to let you quickly assess the business results of changes. By toggling functionality on and off, you can measure the impact and make better decisions based on real data.

Join us to gain an understanding of how the use of hypotheses, not requirements, can help you deliver what your business actually requires while learning quickly what works and what does not.

Register now and join the live presentation at 12pm EDT, Thursday, July 5th.

Session Agenda

In this session you’ll discover:

  1. What is hypothesis-driven development and how it can drive better data-based decisions.
  2. How feature toggles can be bundled into your software development process to quickly allow functionality to be turned on and off to measure the difference  in results.
  3. Why combining feature toggles with hypothesis-driven development will give you the tools to quickly analyze whether a proposed change will achieve your business objectives.

About the speakers

Edson Yanaga, Director, Customer Experience, Red Hat
Edson Yanaga (@yanaga) is a Red Hat director of Developer Experience, a Java Champion, and a Microsoft MVP. Edson is a published author and a frequent speaker at international conferences, discussing Java™, microservices, cloud computing, DevOps, and software craftsmanship. He considers himself a software craftsman and is convinced that all of us can create a better world for people with better software. He is passionate about helping developers worldwide deliver better software more quickly and safely.

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Don’t forget to register now and join the live presentation at 12pm EDT, Thursday, July 5th.