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It has been a year since I posted the announcement about the availability of the Java Language Support for Visual Studio Code. During this past year, we made 10 releases, added various features, fixed many bugs but more importantly, we have constantly grown our user base and finally reached and passed a million downloads on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Fred Bricon, Snjezana Peco and I, as the core team have worked on the Java Language Server and the Visual Studio Code extension, are especially proud not only because of our growing number of users but also the growing number of contributors to the project and the adoption of the Java Language Server by other editors such as Atom.

We would like to thank both our users and contributors for their growing support. Please keep an eye on the new features, as we are getting ready to roll out Java 9 support, more refactoring and even a debugger from our friends.

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Last updated: November 15, 2018