Walk down the Red Hat lane

Excitement and Nervousness are part of one's life whenever someone is about to live his dream or someone is too happy for something and so was the time when we gathered for the Red Hat Graduate Program at Red Hat Pune office to start the amazing journey as an intern.

It's been more than a month now, we are so bound with the open culture that if we would still think of a second option after some time it could probably go off the mind because of only one reason and it could be the Open culture here. It is always noted that one common thing in hand always has related dependencies following it, it is the case with freedom, here FREEDOM is backed with RESPONSIBILITIES and thus you need to be a responsible person always if you think of leveraging the fun in freedom.

People here are more focused towards getting the best out of the person so that tomorrow if they look back to figure out what he/she had learned and written it down, that person could write...still write and then a page would be even less for it. Here nobody would point out the negative point in you but will introduce you to points of improvisation. We always have a habitual behavior of thinking how we could showcase our difference from others while we are in a team but when we are around people in here, we gradually change that perspective by collaborating with the team and making others understand which itself highlights the person’s efforts and its team’s effort to get it complete.

One of the amazing things out of all is to discover 'WHY?' This might sound silly but when you truly apply and start finding the answer to the question starting with 'why', you start feeling the beauty of open culture and then you probably go back and look in the whole day and you understand the true meaning of what you have learned. And what exactly could have made it more effective which would eventually trigger your next day’s goal and you would be more excited to go out the next day and make it happen?

What makes me write this is, I want the people out there to understand the true meaning of what exactly collaboration and contribution is. The whole culture around Open Source, has made so many changes in me when I started writing things I started and ended with 'I' as an individual in it, but now it's more towards 'we' as a group and how we are making it different. One thing, which also is more important in it, is the courage, which again is backed with commitments, which help the team to stick to their commitments and get their task on the mark. People here openly decide about the upcoming things, which eventually keeps things transparent enough providing equal knowledge and courage to the person to speak up his/her views wherever required. This is where I ended up writing my experience for the first one and half month and would continue the same accordingly. I am truly driven by this culture and would like to learn more and more from it.

#We promote Open Source!

Whether you are new to Linux or have experience, downloading this cheat sheet can assist you when encountering tasks you haven’t done lately.

Last updated: September 22, 2017