As a tech team, the most important value you can ever have is changing the lives of your users. To be able to change the lives of users involves a great deal of effort and sometimes taking some steps you are not sure would work. To be able to do great things as a team, some key values are important. These values are Boldness; Focus on Users and creating things very fast.

As a tech company, most of the things you work on are sometimes novel in that very few people have tried it in the same circumstance as you currently are. So many of the decisions you make would seem skeptical. But it is important to know that not all good results are always well planned at the beginning. You simply just have an idea and you keep working on it and see where it leads. Successful companies sometimes do not know precisely whether they would be successful at a certain time. All they knew was that they needed to take a step and they did. It matters that even when no one sees it for you that you see it for yourself. Whatever your current circumstances are, you need to keep pushing forward and taking bold steps.

As a tech team, members must be advised to always take bold and audacious steps as playing by the book would always keep one in a certain frame of mind, but working on a lot of ideas makes it more fun and interesting. To make your team more successful, you need to impregnate every team member with a spirit of boldness. That matters a lot.

Focus on the User
Well, all products of tech companies are meant to finally get to the hands of clients or users where such products are meant to solve one problem or the other for the client. So, the most important thing is that the client’s problem is solved. But while trying to solve a user’s problem, it needs to be done in a very intuitive manner such that the user’s experience with your product lasts long in the mind of the user and they would always long to use your product.

This core value is rather important because many tech companies these days focus heavily on the technology stack or framework to use. But very few frameworks are even available to even understand if users would prefer a certain feature to another. This does not mean that focus on the technological stack is irrelevant. It means that more time should also be dedicated to users. This creates a more sense of belonging to the user and it is easier to get more user-based comments about the product.

Move Fast and Create Things
Speed is of the essence as what was the hit yesterday is old and already archived today. It is important that tech companies build products as fast as possible. The concept of the lean startup should be inculcated. Features should be shipped as fast as possible to the clients. However, in trying to build features fast, it is important to always be careful about the quality of the code. It is rather better to ship clean and fast code than just a sample of code that its reliability is questioned.

These few values are some of the values I believe every tech company and other businesses can read. It is not only bounded to tech companies but to any company.
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Last updated: June 13, 2017