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A few weeks ago at Red Hat Summit, I had the opportunity to sit down with James Kirkland, our Chief Architect for our Internet of Things initiatives within Red Hat. We talked about what Red Hat is doing with IoT, where to go to get started, IoT in the enterprise, and some interesting use cases for IoT. You may not be very familiar with what Red Hat is doing in the IoT space; after all, we haven't released any developer boards, or new standards or things along those lines. James explains what it is we're doing with partners and in the industrial sector.

We may not be delivering the devices to users, but what we are doing is ensuring our software works well together, you're able to get up and running quickly, and you have a community to go to for ideas, help, and solutions. We believe you're not going to find any one vendor that is going to provide the complete package for industrial IoT solutions, which is why we partner with many other companies including the Eclipse Foundation, Bosch, Eurotech, GE, etc. We're excited to provide you a stable platform to use in the data center and also at the gateway!


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Last updated: May 26, 2017